Hu Deccan was incorporated in July 2014. We began as a small team mainly focusing on software testing, out sourcing, staffing and trainings. As we grow year by year identifying many issues face by our existing and new clients, we strive to provide solutions to manage resources, compliance issues, managing work flow and tracking performance in a systematic way.

We offer our services in Malaysia, Singapore & India.

Tel: +603-89992415

HU Deccan Technologies Sdn Bhd, 3-3A, Inkubator 3,Technology Park Malaysia, Kuala lumpur.


Our commitment to providing the best solution to businesses, mainly to the Insurance domain, is on par with our commitment to giving back to the environment and community. We aim to make meaningful differences to the community we serve through responsible business practices, create a positive impact, and build a better future.

HRDF Certified Trainer
User Acceptance Testing


Hu Deccan has committed for a long term UAT testing project with one of its client. From planning to executing and to analyzing UAT while ensuring the workflow is in place which mainly deals with bugs, issues and other problems. With more than 40 testers and managers, Hu Deccan has successfully delivered the environment setup and continues with software testing to its client.

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